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CDX TRACtion Mainstream Country & Traction True Indie charts to be included weekly

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As announced earlier this week, the arrival of Country Insider is the latest outlet to offer an ‘inside’ look at country radio, labels, and artists. Country Insider was developed by the team that delivers Inside Radio and Podcast News Daily to a national audience of tens of thousands each day. It’s their first format-specific newsletter delivered by music veterans Managing Editor Brian Mansfield, Associate Editor Annie Reuter, and Columnist Beverly Keel.

“Country Insider is happy to feature the CDX Traction Mainstream Country chart as part of the research we share with the country music and radio industry each Monday,” said Gene McKay, GM/Publisher, Inside Radio.”

Country Insider has also announced the addition of industry-wide recognized CDX charts to also be included weekly. They plan to share the Traction True Indie chart with their readers via email each Thursday. These charts reflect monitored airplay for markets of all sizes, giving readers and artists a valuable tool.

“It is great that we are among a select few data sources to be included in Country Insider,” said Joe Kelly, President of CDX. “We hope that we can help and inspire more artists, labels, and managers with actionable data. We appreciate Gene McKay and are very proud to play a part with Brian, Annie, and Beverly.”

To subscribe to the Country Insider daily distribution, visit HERE.

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About CDX:
CDX was founded in 1991 by late Country Music Hall of Fame Broadcaster Charlie Douglas and national record promotion veteran Paul Lovelace as a delivery system for labels and artists to supply their upcoming singles to all full-time US country stations, satellite providers, syndicators, and programming consultants.

In 1991, CDX clients’ music was distributed via the then-new medium of CD. Today, our clients’ singles are digitally distributed via InstaTrack e-blast, integration into our smartphone app, and also included on our regular CD compilation disc.

CDX also expanded by creating CDX TRACTION which is a patented airplay monitoring and tracking software system. CDX TRACTION monitors radio stations through the online webstream of their broadcast signal. It utilizes a proprietary and patented music recognition system to log every song played.

CDX now offers distribution in all music formats.

About TRACtion:
While other monitoring services zero in on a small number of major market reporting stations, TRACtion created the technology to monitor and detect airplay on ALL radio stations by monitoring the stream of a station’s broadcast signal over its website.

This extensive and invaluable airplay data is available for the FIRST time in markets of all sizes across the U.S., including the secondary radio market which covers fully half of the population and is where most Country Music fans live.

Why is this important? …because radio is important.

Our objective with TRACtion is to provide record labels, booking agents, managers, publicists, and independent artists – everyone in the music industry – with immediately actionable data based on real airplay that will empower everyone in the business to formulate targeted and focused marketing and promotion plans.

And in an era of 360-deals, it ALL matters.