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NEDY Announces Creation of Anti Bullying Organization, ‘Friends Forever Club’

“Nedy’s self-confidence anthem “Made To Be” is a bright light in a dark world. A song of hope, self-love, and acceptance “Made To Be” is powerful and honest. Nedy is one of those artists that people gravitate to. She is authentic and true which remains admirable in today’s world of trends and gimmicks.” – Music Universe

“Nedy allows her rich, crystalline vocals to shine on the inspirational ‘Made to Be,’ where the listener can slightly recall Sade meets Kate Bush.” – Digital Journal

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising Inspirational Pop singer/songwriter NEDY, spreads a message of self-love and strength with the release of her latest single, “Made to Be.” It is easy to get caught up in society’s standards and consider God-given qualities to be scars, especially when bullied for what makes you special. “Made To Be” serves as a guiding light to prove that all should embrace their unique qualities and not give attention to those who make us feel inferior. Dancing onto the scene as a friend offering a shoulder to lean on, “Made to Be” proves that the world needs positive power, just as much as we desire to discover who we are ‘made to be.’ The “Made To Be” lyric video exclusively premiered on Digital Journal and is available to download and stream on all digital services now. STREAM/DOWNLOAD at

Watch the lyric video on Digital Journal HERE.

“I wrote ‘Made To Be’ during a time when I was going through a lot of opposition from people around me. Friends, colleagues, and even people who didn’t really know me. I was being hated for just being me and the unique person I was made to be. I wrote this song as a response to those people and also to every person who is going through the same thing. You are special and unique and no matter what anyone says, your value never changes,” shares NEDY.

Along with the release of, “Made to Be” NEDY created the Friends Forever Club, playing hand in hand with the concept of the single to combat childhood bullying and exist as a friend to those experiencing this hatred first hand. This club is a safe space for those going through troubling times of self-doubt fueled by the trauma of bullying. NEDY continues to remain active with fans on social media during various phases of social distancing and has multiple projects in store for the coming months! Fans will not want to miss the iconic force and kind soul that is NEDY.

Visit HERE to join The Friends Forever Club on Instagram.

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About NEDY:
There have always been those whose hearts dance to the beat of a different drum, those who see the world in a different way, and those who find our differences far more beautiful than our similarities. NEDY is one of those people. Armed with an enchanting spirit and a musical talent that is nothing short of stunning, NEDY is an inspirational pop artist poised to lead her loyal fandom into a brighter future. Her new single “Made to Be” now serves as the cornerstone to a new chapter in her career, in which her artistic soul never again tries to mold into someone else’s expectations. THIS is the music that NEDY has waited a lifetime to create.

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.@officialnedy releases #MadeToBe on March 5th, 2021 & #lyricvideo exclusively premiered on @digitaljournal LISTEN/DOWNLOAD/WATCH:

NEDY – “Made To Be” (lyric video)