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Launches ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ YouTube Series

Melbourne, AUS – Musician and innovator, Finbar O’ Hanlon presents a musical experience derived from an era driven by the value of the creative mind as an escape from a world where the music seems to all blend together. ‘The CODE’ is a cross between a musical version of The Da Vinci Code, a panic room, and Cirque du Soleil. It is a musical adventure of sorts that portrays the synthesis of patterns in nature, colors, emotions, and spirituality into music. ‘The CODE’ provides an active listening experience in a multitude of formats from hi-res audio mixes, audiovisual DVD/CD soundtrack, to stems and performance tracks with accompanying TAB and MIDI files for programmers and guitar soloists. ‘The CODE’ has received praise from prominent media outlets and musicians.

“As an artist, Finbar is an original. He’s part guitar hero, part film composer, and part technologist. His time with John Sykes, the Van Halen brothers, Pearl from the Cure, and Ahmet Zappa only serves as a starting point. Finbar is just getting started.”– John Pisciotta Jetpack Label Group

“I created ‘The CODE’ as an active listening experience, something that feeds our soul, something that invigorates the senses, and challenges the mind,” shares Finbar. “The art of active listening has become a lost art, and Raiders of the Lost Art are those embarking on the journey of active listening.”
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From the creation of ‘The CODE’ arises a new YouTube series titled, ‘Raiders of the Lost Art,’ a deeper dive into music consumption and appreciation. Active listening is that lost art. Over time as genres have been assigned, blurred, and blended, many listeners have grown numb to the distinction of various styles and nuances of and in music. To be ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ is to partake in active listening and embrace sensory information, aiding in the ability to rediscover the beauty of instrumentation and genre discretion. The CODE breaks the mold, not genre-bending but perhaps creating a new path forged by brilliant experimentation. ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ helps to further explain the process and reason behind the music.

The CODE being an active listening experience creates the Raiders of the Lost Art,” says Finbar. “Let’s be raiders of the lost art, let’s get back to the experience of active listening. Let’s change our diet into music that is full of nutrition for the senses.”

You are now a part of the experience – let’s crack The CODE!

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About Finbar O’Hanlon:
Finbar O’Hanlon is an original. He looks at the world differently and inspires others to follow, reach, and achieve more. He is a composer, musician, polymath, inventor, and entrepreneur. Finbar describes himself simply, as a purveyor of difference. He has spent the last 30 years leading and insuring in both the music and technology worlds, living in different countries, building companies expand the video and audio experiences, and recording with a myriad of artists on different projects with members from bands such as The Cure and Limp Bizkit. His first album The Elements (1994) gained international exposure for him as a virtuoso guitarist and subsequently, Finbar toured the world as a clinician for Jackson Guitars, DigiTech processors, Crate, and Marshall amplifiers. Finbar has composed scores for a number of films including pieces included in George Lynch’s film Shadownation.

Finbar was a tutor at The Australian Institute of Music, is on the Board of the Les Paul Society Foundation, and holds 13 patents for inventions in science and technology relating to video and audio. With his business partner Ahmet Zappa, Finbar has developed a next-generation technology that uses sound frequencies to amplify human performance and mood. For more, visit

About Jetpack Label Group:
Jetpack Label Group is a full-stack music and media company focused on replacing the great artists we have lost by expanding how new artists and their IP are experienced.

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