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“Miserere (Will Leave You Speechless)” – Jonathan Cilia Faro & Antonio Modica

Jonathan Cilia Faro’s New Album ‘Romantico’ Is Available Now

“Jonathan Cilia Faro is a self-made artist, an incredible producer, actor, and the “MOST POWERFUL AND PASSIONATE LIVING VOICE” – Julio Iglesias, Jr.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Renowned tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro and Antonio Modica have joined forces to create an unforgettable video of their duet, “Miserere (Will Leave You Speechless)”. Premiered by Center Stage Magazine, this rendition delves into the profound with poignant lyrics such as “Et peccatum meum contra me est semper” and “Tibi soli peccavi, et malum coram te feci,” which, when translated into English, convey the powerful sentiments of “And my sin is always against me” and “I have sinned against you alone, and I have done evil before you.” The lyrical depth of “Miserere” finds a compelling expression in the collaborative delivery by Faro and Modica. Their rendition stands as a testament to the universal language of music.

“’Miserere’ is a song about sin and forgiveness,” shares Jonathan. “St. Augustine says it best, “He who sings, prays twice”. The song is a conversation between a sinner and his confessor. To me, this song is a way to reach heaven without leaving earth.”

To view the music video premiere by Center Stage Magazine, visit HERE.

Faro has recently collaborated with Academy Award winner Vanessa Campagna on his single, “O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never,” which is now available. Premiered by M Music & Musicians Magazine, this song unfolds a unique love story that comes to life in a captivating manner. The title, “O Sole Mio,” translates to “My Sun” in English, and the lyrics vividly paint the picturesque scenery of Naples, basking in the comforting embrace of sunlight and the love of a woman. Serving as the follow-up to Faro’s “Parla Piu Piano,” a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the iconic love song from The Godfather movie, “O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never” is included on Jonathan Cilia Faro’s album Romantico on Stradivari Classics.

“Jonathan (Cilia Faro) and Vanessa (Campagna) are two of my favorite voices. It gives me so much joy to hear them singing together. I know listeners around the world will love this as much as I do.” – Michael W. Smith

“Ole Sole Mio” was also recorded by Elvis Presley and released in 1960 and is one of his most popular singles with over twenty million copies sold. Luciano Pavarotti recorded it and won a Grammy in 1980 for his version. It has also been recorded by Andrea Bocelli, Marlo Lanza, and Enrico Caruso, and included on Jonathan Cilia Faro’s new album Romantico.

Romantico showcases a collection of sixteen timeless love songs. Through a skillful fusion of opera and pop, Faro takes listeners on an emotional journey, lending his distinctive touch to classics like “O Sole Mio,” “Parla Piu Piano,” “Love Story,” “The Prayer,” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” This record stands out in its ability to capture the essence of each song uniquely. Faro’s operatic tenor voice has a profound impact on the spirit, even for those more inclined toward pop music. Boasting a string of sixteen successful albums, including four inspirational and twelve crossovers, and holding the title of the top-selling album in Europe, Jonathan Cilia Faro consistently delivers his unparalleled blend of musical styles.

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More About Jonathan Cilia Faro:
Jonathan Cilia Faro an Italian/American Opera Singer who has been scaling independently the mountain that is the entertainment business. Jonathan is a self-made artist an incredible producer, actor and called the “MOST POWERFUL AND PASSIONATE LIVING VOICE” by Julio Iglesias Jr. He was the first Italian Vocalist to be a special guest of the LA MUSA Latino Awards. Jonathan Cilia Faro has shared the stage or produced unique music with Sergio Cammariere, Annalisa Minetti, Donny Most, Tom Brooks, The Alan Parsons Project, Marc Martel, Mari Burelle, Michael W. Smith, Sara and Tyler Michael Smith, Ben Fuller, Zach Williams, Veronica Liberati, Jêsus Molina, Arisa, Marco Mașini Gianna Nannini, Vanessa Campagna, Antonio Modica, Julio Iglesias Jr, Rudy Pérez, Pitingo, Alexander Delgado Hernandez, Desmond Child, Neri Per Caso, Francesco Baccini, Mattia Bazaar, Neri per Caso, Marcel Pavel, and Monica Anghel. For more information, visit

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