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JD Reynolds’ “This Year,” is comprised of things we all want to say about this year and what we have learned, good or bad.  The drum beats ramping up, taking us into the bluegrass feel with banjos, infused with rock rhythms and guitar riffs, topped off with an outstanding vocal presence, I can’t wait for the second half!” – Laura Wood, Road Dog Media Group

“Packed with all the angst we’ve been feeling for months, JD Reynolds’ slow burn turns into a rocking boil, helping us all let it out.” – Matt Bailey, Senior Reviews Editor, The Music Universe

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising Country singer/songwriter JD Reynolds is making her mark on the times with the release of herdebut single, “This Year.” This hard-hitting single uncovers the truth in the uncertainty that 2020 has stood to symbolize. Entering the scene as an anthem for the unprecedented events that have made 2020 such a shock factor across the world, “This Year” describes what exactly pushed Reynolds over the edge; ironically the thing that most rely on to bring them together: Family. This single dares fans to recall moments of hysteria and turn them into hope for the coming year that lies just beyond the horizon. “This Year” was exclusively premiered on and is now available to download and stream on all digital platforms.

To view the “This Year” exclusive lyric video on, click HERE.

“My song is about wanting to “pack This Year in a bottle” and “cast it out to sea”. It’s about the “stone-cold truths” and realizations that the events of This Year brought to the surface. It is a song that will resonate with people all over the world,” shares Reynolds.

Calling out direct devastation and uncertainty, “This Year” serves as a shoulder to lean on and a familiar companion for all to confide their deepest setbacks of the year. It allows listeners to consider the possibility that amidst tragedy we are able to dig up an appreciation for life and the little things. Just as sincere as it is hopeful, “This Year” proves Reynolds’ passion and drive to heal the world with her music. The sky’s the limit for country newcomer JD Reynolds!

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A true singer, a real songwriter, a neoteric producer, an incredible dancer, and striking performer, all wrapped up in a stunning package that could grace the cover of any magazine in the world, and yet, her down to earth country girl charm is what makes this extraordinary artist so real.

JD’s sound is fresh originality for country music. “My entire album came to me like a bolt of lightning, the JD sound, my sound, respecting country music roots yet having my own next level twist”. As an up and coming producer, JD teamed up with seasoned producer Braddon Williams to co-produce what country music insiders have nicknamed “The Jagged Little Pill of the Country”. Braddon has achieved more than thirty top-ten hits, amassed over thirty times platinum in record sales, and his work has received both Grammy and ARIA award nominations, credits include Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, The Script, Kelly Clarkson, and his latest favorite, JD Reynolds!

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JD Reynolds – “This Year”