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Kyiv, UKRAINE / NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Serge Tiagnyriadno, Ukraine vocalist and frontman for lauded Leonid and Friends, has returned to his native country to fight against violent aggression of the Russian Federation and its President, Vladimir Putin. Jetpack Label Group has launched a wide-reaching fundraising effort to support Tiagnyriadno and his fellow countrymen. ‘Return the Love’ campaign launches now, and will provide direct funding to Serge and his fellow fighters on the front lines.

“Hello, dear friends. It’s a two weeks of Russian war against Ukraine. As you all know, I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and I still continue to fight against this terribile terror forces along with all Ukrainians. During this two weeks we experienced everything the war can offer. They destroyed entire villages and cities, killed more than 1,200 civils including more than 50 children and today they tried to kill unborn children in citie of Mariupol in maternity hospital. Despite all these terrible things Ukrainian army bravely defending our country, as well as every and each citizen of Ukraine. We have no doubt that we will prevail and defeat our enemy, because we’re standing for our homeland, our people, our women, our children, our freedom. We will not give in and will not give away even a small piece of our territory. It’s obvious that our enemy Russian Federation won’t stop either. It’s time for the entire world to choose its side. If they will destroy our country, they will not stop, they will go further and they can bring war into your home. We need to stop it. And Ukraine is asking for support. We must stop it, whatever it costs, And most important – we should never let it happen again. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!”

– Serge Tiagnyriadno

Serge has given so much to the world. Now it is our turn.

Hi, my name’s John Pisciotta from Jetpack Label Group. Some of you may know Jetpack as the home for Ukrainian artist, Serge Tiagnyriadno and his music over the past weeks. Like all of us, we have been shocked and heartbroken to see what’s happening to Serge and his country. Just a few months ago, he was on tour in the US singing with his good friends, Leonid & Friends and today his country is being ravaged. It’s really, really hard to believe that Serge is now defending his country and battling Putin’s troops. We recently had some friends covertly go to the region to physically remove a few of Serge’s family members from harm’s way. And while we realize not everybody can jump on a plane and be boots on the ground, we can get involved in other ways. So many of you have asked about Serge, sent wishes, and asked how you can help.

And to be honest, until now, we’ve really not had a way to get others involved. But today we’re really excited to announce that we’re launching a special campaign to help. A family trust has been set up to cover any living expenses, should the unthinkable happen. As a company, we’ll be donating 100% of all profits companywide to the family trust.

There are two ways to get involved:
First, you can just simply choose to donate to the family trust. Visit to make a donation. 
Second, you can choose to purchase any of Serge’s recordings and we will donate the profits to the trust. Serge’s two Jetpack Label Group releases – ‘Songs From the Other Side of the Planet’ and ‘Unannounced’ – are available here:

We think this is a pretty simple way for fans and friends of Serge as well as friends of Leonid & Friends to get involved and move the world in the right direction. All proceeds go directly to the family to cover any and all living expenses. The beneficiaries are Serge, his wife, and his two children.

Thank you.


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